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Virtuoso Blogging Seminar

Enjoyed speaking at the blogging seminar today for a Canadian & US audience. When the audience enjoys the topic it makes presenting all the more worthwhile!


  1. Kathie,

    I absolutely loved your class tonight. I attended your in-person seminar at FoVA as well this past June, but I have to say you had even more tips and advice and info last night.
    It’s great to get advice from people who have had more experience in a certain area and I certainly appreciate all you had to teach us last night.

    Thanks again for your time and words of wisdom!

  2. Kathie,
    I have to second Kathy C.’s comments, although I too, took your in-person seminar at FoVA in June, last night’s session really cemented many things in my mind.

    I was forced to begin a blog right after we returned from FoVA. We had lost a dear friend whom I’ve known, loved and respected for +20 years and I needed to find a way to reach thousands of former co-workers and for them to be able to express their support to the family without being intrusive. Hence the blog. I grabbed my notes from your seminar and things just flowed from there.

    The family and friends are very thankful as I am for giving me the confidence to write from the heart and help us all begin to heal.

    You are more than awesome! Thank you for continuing to share your knowledge with us.

    I’m blessed to have met you.

  3. I attended your seminar in 2009, just wanted to say thank you so much. It has helped me through a lot.

  4. Kathie Thomas says

    Gee thanks Lacy. That was some time ago. So nice you remembered me.

  5. I would have loved to have heard your talk. I actually just started my own blog and am hungry for all the knowledge I can get.