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Welcome to all EA/PAs visiting

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Executive Assistant & Personal Assistant 2008 Conference in Perth earlier this week. Most attending I did not know but there were a small number of familiar faces there. And I met face-to-face some I just know via email.

My topic was on Networking for Success and I was amazed at the numbers there who did not have business cards for the businesses they represented. To me this is an important part of networking – even if you’re connecting with the photocopier technician to get something done. How is he going to know who to call back?  Obviously there are some things still the same – 15 years after I left the corporate world!

It was also good to see the excitement amongst some who’d never heard of the VA industry and wanted to know more. I look forward to hearing from those ladies very soon!

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  1. You’re right Kathie!

    Business cards are an essential part of networking when you’re mingling with other business folks. When I know I have an event coming up, I also pass out flyers.

  2. Too right Kathie. I take business cards with me everywhere. You don’t know where any conversation is going to lead or who you’re going to meet.

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