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At the Business Mum’s Conference 2008

The words of keynote speaker, Kathie Thomas touched me significantly. Much of what Kathie spoke about gave a voice to my own thoughts and beliefs, things I had heard before but I didn’t allow myself to listen to. As I was listening to her seminars I was thinking “hey this is what I have been feeling / thinking all along”.  Here is the remarkable woman who essentially has been had much the same issues and thoughts as myself and yet look at where she is all because she believed in herself and pushed forward. My next thought was: I can do this all I need to do is listen to myself!  read more…
Belinda Lindhart, Designer, Illustrator, Painter, Australian Artist, Mother

At a recent teleseminar:


Thanks for creating the link up Kathie’s an inspirational speaker, quiet unassuming but clearly anointed to be an influencer of people. In fact I thought to call her “God’s Influencer.

God bless

Are you working for your family or because of your family?
This topic really hit home for me. It made me feel good about working from home, I felt validated. Kathie’s stories about her family and what it meant for her to work from home and what it meant for her family to have her there just made the whole conference worthwhile. Everything else was a bonus.
Suzie, proudly working at home on selling pre-loved books.

Analogies are great, great content.
Hearing someone like her is very inspiring.
Positive & encouraging.
Very real presenter – gives great personal stories.
So interesting and easy to listen to.

Collective of comments from Business Mums Conference, 2008

“Worth More Than Rubies is a great starting place for moms who desire to work from home. Packed full of practical, useful information as well as the story of Kathie’s own journey, I know this book will bless many, many women.”
~ Jill Hart,
P.S. The book is fabulous – Congratulations!!

Go Kathie! To be a successful work-from-home mum is one thing, but to pioneer and lead your industry whilst raising 5 wonderful kids is Proverbs 31 on a whole new level. You’re an inspiration!

Cheering you on,
Stuart Campbell

Fantastic Kathie! Congratulations on this wonderful step, being a voice for many women who believe their families need them first and foremost but who also know they too are destined to make a difference in their world. You are inspiring, thank you. Be blessed!
Esmari Oosthuizen

“I found Kathie Thomas most inspiring.”
If you would like to improve your Internet knowledge, your networking ability and be motivated to move on, then you need to use the specialised talents of Kathie Thomas.
Kathie has the ability to put her audience at ease, use non-technical language so that all can understand, The main reason that audiences respond well to Kathie Thomas is that she enthuses, encourages and puts her audience at ease.
“Kathie provided user friendly advice – have been bombarded in the past and seemed more daunting than it should be.

Very user friendly! Gained valuable knowledge and hints.
Great visual presentation – Tips excellent. Tips for setting up website, shortcuts, etc – I can use the net much more extensively in my role.

IIR Conferences

Having read some of the literature you kindly forwarded me, I have finally twigged that you were the speaker that has launched me into ‘I want my own business’ action since the breakfast. Thank you – I found you to be most insightful and inspiring, leaving me with the courage and eagerness to leap and bounce high on the springboard of success. Look out world – here comes the soon-to-be independently financial new me! The goal is set; the action of achieving it has just begun.
Rachael Perks, AIOP Breakfast

Kathie’s story was good to hear as I always enjoy hearing the success stories of fellow micros and it is reassuring to know size doesn’t matter if you have the right attitude and apply yourself to the task at hand.
Building Bridges Seminar

Thanks so much for coming to talk with our teachers group yesterday. I really enjoyed your story, your enthusiasm and your small business passion. It doesn’t matter how much theory we read about, it is real stories like yours that have the impact. Of the 10 evaluation forms I collected, 9 mentioned you and your presentation as one of the aspects of the seminar they most valued. Several used words like “an inspirational speaker”. Please feel free to use these comments in whatever way you see fit. Thanks again for giving us your time.

Anne Langworthy, Swinburne University

At the recent AVBN Seminar : Your webinar this morning was fantastic. Your enthusiasm for what you do was palpable. I was inspired and indeed motivated plus I just simply enjoyed listening to your content and delivery. You did things that I would have thought everyone on the pedestal would have done, but they don’t. I am more keen than ever to deliver my speech now, as I feel I have seen how it can be done and done well, thank you. As someone who loves to write also, I am pumped and ready to blog and that too is inspired by your presentation. So again Kathie, thank you. I must away now as I have to start thinking of blogging ideas … lol

Debie Brockhoff | Encore Administration

Thoroughly enjoyed speaking at One Community Church in Blackburn and I thank all the ladies there for making me feel so welcome. It was a joy to come and speak to you and share on life lessons I’ve learnt from God.