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Kathie has written and published several books. From small ebooks that relate to working from home and being a Virtual Assistant through to novels about being “Worth More Than Rubies” and another called “It Happened By Design“, both of which grew out of blogs she writes.  As a keen nature photographer she later wrote two books about birds in the region in which she lives:  ‘Words on Birds: Feathered Friends of the Dandenongs‘ books 1 and 2.  Originally written for her grandchildren they are available to the public for purchase.

Interview at There is little that FaithWriters member, Kathie Thomas hasn’t done. Besides being an accomplished writer and published author, she’s won or been nominated for many awards, most recently the 2009 Australian of the Year award. She has impacted the home-business world and maintains several blogs. In a nutshell, she’s done it all!

Join interviewer, Lynda Schab, as she talks with Kathie about her Christian testimony, her family, and all of her impressive accomplishments.

LYNDA SCHAB: Start by telling us about yourself and give us a brief Christian testimony.

KATHIE THOMAS: I was brought up in a non-Christian home, although mum and dad did take us (my 2 sisters, brother and me) to church when we were young. But they didn’t stay at church and would have us walk home or come back and get us. I think probably it was the only 2 hours a week they had alone together without 4 young children. I was the eldest. To this day mum and dad still do not know the Lord and this saddens me. They are very aware of my faith and mum has read one of my books and many Christian fictional stories (like the Left Behind series) but still nothing – at least not that I’m aware of.  Read the rest here.

Each of the books below can be purchased at, or if you’d like a personally autographed copy of a book please contact Kathie direct.

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Worth More Than Rubies (paperback)

If you want to be a Proverbs 31 Woman and work from home whilst caring for your family, this book is a must read!

Worth More Than Rubies is about the value of both the wife and mother to her husband and family, looking at the age old scriptures of Proverbs 31 and bringing them into modern day times.

Kathie has woven her own personal story into this book, and talks of the challenges and struggles she had to establish a business at home so she could be there for her 5 daughters.

Click here for full details or purchase here now.

ISBN 9-780980-362374

It Happened By Design (paperback)

A compilation of real life incidences by 30 different authors. Incidences that can only be described as God Incidences, as you read these you can truly see that each event happened by design – God’s design

Click here to purchase now.

ISBN: 978-0-9757285-6-7

How to books

10 Sure Fire Steps to Market Your VA Business

This ebook was written to assist you with your business! A practical 10 step guide to marketing your VA business in easy download ebook version. Written by Kathie M. Thomas

In 2006 this book is no longer be available free but at $6.00AUD.

It will, however, be provided free to all members of ACS as part of their membership.

ISBN 0-975-72852-0

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

When I first wanted to start working at home I didn’t know how I was going to go about it. I knew what I wanted to do – work at home – but what kind of services was I going to provide, and who for? What rates should I be charging and how long would it take to complete a job? Will I really make a living working at home?

There were a million and one questions I had and no-one to ask! Well, there is in this book now available.

For full details click here, or Click here to purchase the ebook version.

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ISBN 0-975-72851-2

How to Set Up a Business From Home

(or I want to work from home!)

Ideal book for anyone wanting to work at home – covers everything from the type of business that could be run, to how to find clients and setting the right rates. How to tell a scam from the real thing and should you join networks online? Ideal gift!

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ISBN 0-975-72853-9

Turn Your Blog into a Book

(paperback or ebook)

New release! Do you blog and want to turn it into a book? Or are you an author wanting to get started? Blogging is a great way to test your content with an audience!

Whichever way it is, here is my simple step by step process of turning your blog into a book. After all, that’s how “Worth More Than Rubies” (above) came about!

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VA Trainer Course Workbook

If you’re not looking for a certificate, but just the information so you can work through the course at your own pace, then this is the option for you.

The full course workbook to help you set up your business as a Virtual Assistant, working from home.

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