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BlogTalkRadio Interview

If you’ve not heard of it before, then it’s a site you need to be aware of. People from all over the world now have the opportunity to set up their own radio show and interview people of interest to their growing audiences.

I had the wonderful privilege of speaking today on We Love Girl Talk which is a Christian Women’s Radio Show. Sandra and Sarah, the show’s hosts were wonderful and made me feel totally at home! They are trying to build up their ratings for the show as the BlogTalkRadio features shows on their front page so why not pop by and give them a rating! They have a number of interviews available there.


  1. Kathie,

    I am so glad that you had a great interview on blog talk radio. Now you will be even happier to be a guest on my show!!

    You are a natural and well experienced speaker, writer, and blogger. You have accomplished so much, and I am proud to be your friend.

    Have a great week,


  2. Kathie,
    Love the look of the new site – I know how much you’ve put into it.

    I wanted to let you know just how much ‘More Than Rubies’ has moved me. I don’t consider myself a particularly devout woman, but I do believe in God and His plan for us all.

    I bought your book through Amazon when you released it there earlier this year. I read it in a weekend.

    Your story of faith, perseverance and determination has provided me with a depth of motivation I never knew I had. Thank You!

    I want everyone to know how great your book is and I have done a brief review on Squidlit – I hope you don’t mind.

    Canberra, Australia

  3. Kathie Thomas says

    Wow! Charly, what can I say? What an honour you’ve given me and I love what you’ve done with the review. Thank you so much.

  4. Kathie,
    Sarah and I thoroughly enjoyed you on our show. I am glad we made you comfortable. We like to think of it as girlfriends sitting together having a cup of coffee and talking.
    You are a blessing!

    Sandra Stanford