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Update on things

Just thought I’d give you all an update on my activities to date.

The new book is finished but haven’t been able to contact the graphic designer to finish the cover – turns out her computer had died, I’ve just heard from her now as a friend in the US called her for me to check on her. So the book should be at the printer next week. Yay! And not long after that.

Got fantastic reviews already for the book too – you should see at I’m ready to take advance orders too.

My Facebook page really is starting to shape up at and I’m using it to announce events now.

I had professional shots taken recently and I’m fairly happy with them – I just have to get used to seeing me with glasses. You can see some of them at my Facebook page or at the media page on this site.

I beat my goal of 24 speaking engagements this year and to date it’s now 35 – I have 5 in October which is counted in that list.

Life is busy and I’m enjoying it!